Refund Policy

Optional paid promotions

  • If you choose to pay additional fees to promote your ad/s with any or all of our optional promotional features such as ‘Urgent’ ad ribbon etc you will not be entitled to a refund of this sum either in part or in full as these will only be applied to a submitted ad.
  • If you have your account closed by admin due to serious breach of the terms and conditions of use as detailed in the terms of use policy (the link for which can be found on the footer of the website), the same refund policy regarding ad packages as detailed above will apply.


All apparel and accessories purchased within the HORSEhub Apparel section of the site has a 30 day returns policy. All returns for apparel and accessories purchased form the apparel section of the site will be handled by the third party company that handle all of our printing and production. Their details will be present in the physical package which contains your items or can be found by visiting the apparel section of the site and scrolling down to the footer where you will find details of the returns policy and how to return the item for exchange or refund.