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Maggies sarcoid story so far…

Hi horse fans!

I’m Maggie!

I hope you are well.

So…my sarcoid story…where to begin!?!

Firstly, it is really big now. I also have 3 new ones which have appeared:-(

When my new horsey mum got me I already had the big one. She got the vet to come and help me and he sent off to Derek Knottenbelt for a report. He said the treatment would take considerable courage from both me and my mum and that I would need a special cream to strip away the top layers of tissue and then a I would need to have radio therapy to get rid of the rest.

Our vet looked at the report and said it would cost around £4-5k so as it was slow growing and it wasn’t likely to be fixed with the radiotherapy anyway to just leave it. Mum tried to help me but the insurance wouldn’t help because I had it when she got me. She still kept me though and promised me I would never be sold even if we can’t ride together.

We moved house just recently and mum had a human baby so she had to give up her regular job as we now lived too far away and she is raising my human sister. I had to have my boosters…which I HATE! The vet that came out was nice really apart from the fact that he did my teeth and my boosters so I wasn’t going to thank him much for that!

He had a look at my sarcoids and he seemed to think that he could laser them off. The small ones for sure and he said that there was a lot of skin in the area of my big one that he seemed to think it could be done. Mum was a bit worried seeing as the report from Derek wasn’t great. She has decided to give it a go. I am a bit nervous as I don’t really like strangers that much but when I get to know people I am really friendly! He quoted us £250-350 for the small ones of which I have three and £800-£900 for the big one as it is such a big job. One of the smaller ones is coming off of the bigger one so maybe he meant that one would be included with the bigger one. We shall have to wait and see.

Because she hasn’t got the ability to do a regular job being a new mum and has just started trying to set up doing work from home money is pretty tight so she has created some t-shirts and this site to try and raise money for me so I can have my surgery.

I have put some pictures of my sarcoids for you to see. They are pretty grim.

A picture of my 8″ sarcoid covering my whole elbow area and as well as has bits under the skin going up my shoulder:-(

My sarcoid that appeared in my armpit area which is about 2 inches long

My third sarcoid just above my stifle

My smallest sarcoid which is on my inner thigh, the verrucous part is about 5mm and the occult part is about 10-15mm

I shall keep you all posted with any updates either good or bad. While we try to raise the funds for laser surgery we are going to give a special cream a go which is often used for smaller sarcoids and prescribed by vets. We shall try that on the smaller ones and see if it helps. I shall get mum to take some more pictures in a few months to see if there is any change. Maybe it might help you guys out to see our story unfold.

When we have sorted my sarcoids out we want to continue raising money for other horses in need so if you can think of any other charities that could use our help with donations please leave a comment in the box below.

Me having a pedicure!

Maggie x

PS: Here is a progress chart so we can mark our way to our target. £1800 is our approximate target based on £300 for each of the 3 small ones and £900 for the big one. If it is less than that then anything we have left over will go straight to help other horses. You can help me and mum choose where it goes and choose our next fund raising cause!


So far for our latest cause of my sarcoid surgery we have raised: £10! Help us get closer to our goal by donating, purchasing one of our products from the shop or simply spreading the word with your friends:-)