I started HORSEhub with a single goal in mind…to help horses and help others to help horses. I love horses so much and I know you do to. It is only natural that we should want to help them, be that by caring for our own horses in the best way possible or helping others care for theirs; by saving horses from ill fate or by donating to horse related charities. The list of ways we can help is endless.

I want to tell you about my best friend Maggie and the first horse I sought to help when setting up HORSEhub.

Maggie is a Friesian horse. She was born in Holland and came over to England as a youngster as was found in a dealers yard by a lady who then owned her for a number of years. The lady who owned her decided to sell her for her own reasons and I was the lucky one to find her. Maggie picked me as much as I picked her I think. Her previous owner said she noticed how Maggie checked in with me while we were both talking despite her usually being cautious around strangers…Maggie was my dream come true.

Sure she had her quirks and she hadn’t been ridden for years. She’d had a beautiful foal and had been a great mum. She had a rather large patch of odd looking flaky skin on her elbow which her old owner had said the vet had seen and it was fine so I bought her anyway.

Two weeks later it was discovered that the large patch of flaky skin was actually an occult sarcoid. Not only that but it had started to form verrucous areas too. I promptly got an opinion from Derek Knottenbelt from Liverpool University who is the leading authority on sarcoids in the equine world. He basically said it was not good. His exact words in his report were: “It would take considerable courage from both horse and owner to tackle this and it is unlikely to have much success and would be very costly. Due to the location of the sarcoid it would be difficult to get to and difficult to heal. We could try taking away what we could with topical cream and assess where we were after but it would be best to undergo radio therapy of the area and it appears to have gone malignant”. Needless to say I cried. I felt like my world and dream horse had come crashing down.

This sarcoid had a very real chance of this affecting riding (it already was as she was not accepting the saddle at all and it all stemmed around the girth making contact with the sarcoid) and potentially getting much worse as it turned malignant. I was advised by my vet that based upon the report and the fact that she would not be covered by her insurance because she had it when I got her that I should just leave it as it was slow growing and so that is what I did. He also said the radiotherapy would cost in the region of £5000!

Until recently I had resigned my self to the fact that this was a problem that was only going to get worse and that I wouldn’t get chance to ride much. I will never sell her regardless of no riding. I got her a prolite girth and this seemed to help alot!

I fell pregnant and moved house to a different area of the UK so I had to give up my job and begin working from home making crystal browbands for my own company Elements Equestrian Ltd. It is a new company so I am unable to take a wage at present. The new vet came out to do her annual booster vaccines and just on the off chance I asked his opinion on the sarcoids as two more have now showed up. He said he could laser them which would cost about £250-£350 each for the small ones and £800-£900 for the big one. With that, I decided it was worth a go but I needed to somehow raise the funds.

It was then I decided to set up HORSEhub which would be a place where people could find insightful and useful information in the form of horse related articles and reviews. I wanted to be able to raise awareness of various horse related issues and I wanted to use it as a place to sell my horse related apparel designs which I have created. The proceeds from these and any advertising links would go towards paying for Maggies sarcoid surgery.

Once her surgery is paid for I shall continue saving money from the advertisements and t-shirt/hoodie designs ON my website and use it to help other horses in need or help riders by donating to various charities such as Redwings horse sanctuary and the Air ambulance.

Because of this I would be very grateful if you would make use of any of the advertising links on this site should any of them appeal to you. Each time oyu click a link and make a purchase from any of the companies advertised here we get a small commission from, usually just a few pence but it all mounts up. Otherwise if you could share the knowledge of this site to any friends or family who might be interested so that we can help Maggie and then continue on helping other horses it would be very much appreciated. It is my dream to open a rescue center one day for sick and injured horses; maybe one day that will come true. For now, every little we can do helps!

I shall be creating a page on this site that details Maggie’s situation and any progress she makes and when her treatment is done I shall focus on giving you updates on other horses that together we help, be they charities or individuals.


On behalf of Maggie and of course from myself I would like to say thank you for visiting my site and if you have any ideas of things you’d like to see or some great fund raising ideas then please leave your comments in the box below:-)


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